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Pumpkintiger and Saul.........and everyone!!!

Hi guys,

Just went for the specific title as we are at the same place with c25k!!!!!

I have just done Wk 5 run 1 and I found it fantastic. I did the route the wrong way round so most of it was up a slow gradient. Good for the legs though! Not anywhere near as bad as I thought, it's definitely all in the mind.

How are you both doing?

Elsie xxx

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Hi Elsie,

That's brilliant, well done you.! Told you won't be a problem. I've just come back from my run as well. I found it a bit easier in the sense that the run time and breather time were the same, so you sort of knew how good/bad it will be after the first run.

My overall run speed was slightly slower today, but I really enjoyed it.I can see the badge and the hat and the end of the tunnel ( Do we get one of those foil blankets? ;) )

How you feeling regarding run 2?


@Pumpkintiger, did you manage to do your first run?

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Yay well done you too!

God I could do with a foil blanket now, I'm frozen. It was bit cold and wet tonight but hey we're mad right and we don't let a bit of winter weather stop us???

I'm still running around 9 mins a km so not going to win any medals but I'm happy with that. I upped the pace slightly on my final 5 mins and it felt great!

We are over halfway now............Whoop! Next run is wednesday night for me I think or Thursday if it's really yuk out there!

Keep me posted!

E xxx

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