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Oh my gosh I actually enjoyed it!!

Determined NOT to be the girl with all the gear and no idea... After much preparation - running leggings, hi viz jacket, trainers, Laura downloaded to the ipod, extra chocolate for eating the night before... Route pre planned and recce walked in the snow last week... Perfect sunny crisp cold Sunday morning, snow lining the hedgerows and verges, I got dressed nervously, turned on Laura in my ear and off I went... Wk One R1 done! I even surprised myself :) W1R2 before work tomorrow - there's and extra challenge in getting up early enough to fit that in!!

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I love running first thing in the morning - its my favourite time of day, along with Laura telling me to keep going :D

Good luck with run2 and bask in your good feeling!


Well done! sounds like a great start and glad to hear you're putting the running gear through it's paces :-)


Well done it's a great feeling isn't it - I was very surprised how much I enjoyed it too, I also did my first day today. Enjoy tomorrow.

I like how you've got all the gear too :)


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