What is wrong with my leg?

Not been running a lot recently (only about one run a week but been doing lots of yoga) but each time I do, I get a generalised pain and stiffness in my right leg. Did a gentle 3k tonight and the said leg was fine when running but as soon as I stopped my whole leg seized up into a kind of spasm. It has been feeling weak and stiff for a few weeks now. Thought running would loosen it up and it did a big warm up before I went out. Tried different trainers but this didn't help. Nothing hurts if I press it but the pain seems to radiate up my outer calf, ankle, knee area and groin. Any idea what the heck this is and what should I do? I really want to get going again and build up to 3x30 mins a week but at the mo I feel like an old crock!

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  • Mmmmmm...do you have a problem with your lower back? Are you stretching well after your run? I noticed something similar recently, my left leg also felt heavy after running. I thought it was my back so I concentrated on stretching and core stability exercises and it mostly resolved (but every now and again I feel it). If the above doesn't resolve it I think a trip to your GP is indicated. Good luck and hope you get back on the road really soon!

  • Thanks I dont seem to have any back problems but will keep on stretching. Might get it checked out if it carries on x

  • You might like to experiment a bit with just doing the C25k 5 minute walk warm up and being a bit careful with what you do in yoga and stretches afterwards.

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