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So much slower this time around!

So much slower this time around!

Hi all,

I just finished W6D3 of my second C25K of 2015. I did a leisurely one between Aprilish and the end of August (leaving longer breaks between days after week 4) and now I am doing a more diligent C25K which I started on November the 1st.

I've managed to complete every run in each C25k (so far!) but I am noticing that I am covering a lot less distance this time around. I run on an outdoor track so it's pretty easy to track distance.

It's as if my natural running pace has just decreased. I feel like I am running on empty a bit even though I am loving my runs, probably even more this time than last.

While I do not have anemia, I did get an iron test and I am in the low end of normal, though I have no reason to believe this was not the case in the last round too! I actually feel more fitter and have more energy generally than I did at the beginning of the year.

Anyone else done multiple C25Ks? Anyone else feel like they are getting slower across a single C25K?

Iron panel results attached for health nerds (Canadian reference ranges).

My doctor says that these are "nothing to worry about as they are all within range". But I have changed diet and am supplementing on my own. I know it takes time to build back up though. I don't have to stop running do I?

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Yes this is me too! I completed the programme almost couple of years ago but had a break due to illness. Then got back to running, then another bout of illness. I have been trying to get back to running like I did when I first completed the programme, but I just can't get back to it and like you feel as thought I have slowed down. I was thinking that it's perhaps because I've aged quite a lot. I went through the menopause late at 58 and I'm now 59. I feel that I have slowed down in everything, not just running and thought it was perhaps normal. Maybe I am wrong?! I would love to be able to run like I did a couple of years ago. I could run faster and longer. I am going to start the programme all over again when the weather picks up and the nights are lighter.


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