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My Running week

Hi all, not too much to report this week. Ran a nice 10k on Monday in 1:04:55 my second run at that distance so pretty happy with that. Wednesday is my intervals run and as always that's hard and never seems to get any easier, although I am not really expecting it too. I guess as you get fitter you just run harder doing the interval training.

Todays run was on a slightly different route but still 5k. The plan was to literally just run very slow as I have been pushing quite hard with the swimming and cycling as well. I had in my head on a loop "slow down" so ran what felt like a pretty leisurely pace to find that it was bang on 30min for the 5k and not even out of breath. I liked the pacing for once and I wasn't even thinking about pace, how does that work? Anyway no falls, trips or spills this week (and I know who is reading this so thought I would get that in) so all that's left to say is stay injury free and happy running!

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Great stuff Mat! I must try that slowing down trick and see if it works for me!

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I think running without concern for pace works really well sometimes. My 5k runs I tend to do most of the time without looking at the watch, just running what feels comfortable and steady for that day. I'm often amazed at what times I've ended up with for what felt like a 'slow' run. Well done for that 2nd 10k and proof it wasn't a one off :-)

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