hi everyone

after not being able to run on GP orders and undergoing several medical investigations i have now been given the all clear to restart running. I went out for the first time on Wednesday of this week and again yesterday. It was soooo good to be back out on the road!!! I was nervous at first wondering if i could still do it, but with Laura urging me on with week nine of the program i did, much to my amazement. I had to walk a couple of times and it took me longer than my last run in September but hey, who cares, i can build on my progress and i was running!!!!!! Happy Happy days.

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  • Well done. I have had a break due to fractures and am now on Week 4, day 1. the familiar feelings of exhilaration, pride, happiness etc etc are back with me and I am so happy also.

  • Oh that's just fantastic, welcome home!

  • Glad you are back. Well done. :-)

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