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I have just had 3 weeks off. After running for a while after graduating I never quite shook the pain in my shins from previous shin splints so I gave myself time to let them heal properly. However as a loyal runkeeper fan i have signed up for the global 5k on Sunday! Has anybody else? This week I have one for 2 30 min jogs and plan another today. I have been taking several precautions to keep the shin splints far away: a) increasing slowly b) KT tape c) calf strengthening exercises d) run on grass as much as I can e) foam rolling before and after

Any other tips? I expect to run very slowly with walk breaks on Sunday as my 30 mins have been slow- 3.6k and 3.9k respectively! Today I will try my custom interval run (also 30 mins) but I'm looking forward to an international virtual race!!

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Fortunately I have never suffered from shin splints but I know a few folk on here recommend compression socks - might be worth a try.

Good luck with your Sunday run.


Hmm maybe thats a good 'stocking present' idea?? (literally..) My run today ended up being 4k in 30 mins- I always end up doing faster runs when doing intervals- so I feel a bit more on track as that was what I was doing when I was running 5k. Maybe I'll manage it v slow but without walk breaks?


Increasing slowly and watching your speed, even on the downhills. Running hard means you slam the legs, so you have to make sure you're fully better before letting rip

As a fellow sufferer, I'm just getting back to running again. I'm carrying on with my physio as I think it will help me in the long term. Foot lifts, calf lifts and heel drops off the stairs x 4 times a day.

Good luck with your race!

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I ran my 5k in 38:50 so I was pretty happy with myself- no walking! Taking it very easy at the moment on my shins- one hurt for the first km but eased off and its more like a gentle muscle ache than the acute sharp pains or tender spots on my leg before. Hard to tell normal running aches and pains apart from the build up to shin splints again but i will just give myself enough rest and keep up the strengthening strategies. I have to say I like doing the calf exercises before I go for a run. That way my calfs are especially warmed up and it also stops me from racing through the start of the run as I take it slightly slower with aching calf muscles- I end up running the whole way at a better pace and it takes the strain off.


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