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Anyone else in France ?

Running here in Normandy I just wondered if there are other runners in France and why you came to be here on this forum.

I used to live in the UK and came to study here, met my husband (a Norman) and the rest is history!

I fell upon the NHS choices website by chance and got hooked on the strength and flex exercises; Laura kept saying " you could try the C25K programme" so I did.

That was in August and i graduated in November.

What is your story ?

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Hi Cath, there are quite a few of us running in France, myself included - well half the time anyway! I escape from the brutal winter and hills down south in Cordes - Sur - Ciel in October, and come back to mild flat Cambridge...Cordes, is near Albi and Toulouse in the Gaillac region.

I used to be a swimmer until ear problems forced me to give it up. A friend of mine who is not terribly fit or slim did C25K and wrote a blog about it. I figured if he could do it, I could, so gave it a go...I found this forum through the C25K page, and loved it!

Enjoy your running!


Oh, and if you look for the virtual quest here you will see we are (virtually) running to Paris! Come and join us, it's great fun!


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