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My Asics Training Plan

Hello Everyone

Hope your all enjoying your running, or training programs.

Just a quick question I need to ask. I am doing the My Asic's training programme for a marathon in April 2016, but I am going on a cruise holiday for two weeks, last week of February first week of March 2016.

Can you take holidays on the My Asics programme, or do you just have to try and fit your runs in.

Each week I am away I am supposed to do 5K on Monday, 12K on Tuesday and 24K on the Friday for both weeks.

On a cruise you can run laps around the boat, but I don't fancy doing 24K running round and round.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks drakeybar.

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Dare I say it, you could try running on the treadmill in the ship's gym. However, you'll probably be tearing your hair out if you have to run 24k on a treadmill. Perhaps you need to resign yourself to doing hamster-on-a-wheel impersonations as you run round the deck again and again and again and again............ 😱


Maybe you could alternate between treadmill & around the ships deck to break up monotony.. Otherwise you'll have to let the plan go for a few weeks and cut the distance?

Let us know how it goes... Have a great cruise..


You could still run on a treadmill or around the deck but you'll probably have to forego the long run as that way lies madness! Use it as an opportunity to do lots of cross training in the gym and then you can set the treadmill on an incline for serious hill work and intervals. Mix it up and I'll bet your body will appreciate the different training. Enjoy the holiday and don't fret too much. Training plans are made to be broken!


Am going on a cruise shortly and intend to run my 5k round and round the deck. Small ship, it will be interesting to find out how many time I will need to go around..... And remembering how to count the round..... I may ask them to give me some beads, and move the beads from one pot to the next every time I go past the starting point !😄


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