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Ha! Found out how to change my screen name!!!

But I didn't want to lose touch completely with the old me - so here I am. 18 months from when I first set out with Week 1 Run 1 on my phone. Yet again on the injury couch due to a nasty fall on a Levada walk in Madeira (and quite a few stitches in my head). But they're out now, and I'll be back out on the road tomorrow - or Thursday at the latest. It really is part of my life now, and I WILL continue....

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Well done. Sounds like you're super determined. I'm sure you'll be back into full flow again in no time!


Love the new name but it's maybe a wee bit too long to type. Suspect you'll get shortened to RPNM. 😀

Your latest injury sounds nasty - hope alls well now


I googled Levada walks, they look fab! Sorry it didn't go well for you, that sounds a really bad fall if you needed stitches. Enjoy your run xx


Thanks everyone. Yes - it was nasty. It was the first day of the holiday and I spent the rest of the day looking at the ceilings of ambulances and A & E departments!! Next day was resting and trying to hide from mirrors. The third day was another levada - with a scarf over my bandages and a tilley hat on top. I looked like the great Victorian explorerer :)


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