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I needn't have worried!

Due to a few unforeseen circumstances I hadn't managed to run for 11days. As a recent graduate I was really worried that I would lose fitness and not be able to complete 30 minutes after missing so many runs.

So I plugged in my favourite music and set off with some trepidation. After my usual 5-10 minutes of feeling like my trusty asics are lead soled, I settled into my run and it was great. I felt really strong. I cruised through 30 minutes and even sailed easily up the big hill with minimal strain.

There was a temptation to keep running but I decided not to push my luck.

So there you go, if you do miss a run don't panic - maybe a little rest also does you good, or maybe I was just lucky!!!!!!?????!!!!

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Well done! I always find the first 5 minutes or so the hardest too. Much nicer once you've settled into a rhythm 😊


That's a while article in a magazine i'm reading about how resting does you good!

Well done for getting back out there. :-)


Well done. You've discovered that a few days off doesn't kill your fitness level. You can soon get back into the swing of things again.


You're absolutely right. Sometimes an extra little break makes for a super follow up run. Well done! Particularly on the hill.


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