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So pleased!

Feeling so pleased!

Wk8 run2, listened to the lovely Laura telling me to start running, which I obediently did. After a little while Laura told me again my 5 min walk was up and to start running, realised that I had somehow reset my ipod. Decided to still try to see the run through as I was not sure how much extra running I had done and when to stop.

Result was 32mins of running and a 3 mile run!

I love C25k, there is no way I could ever have imagined doing this, the buzz it gives is amazing!

Think my kids are a bit fed up of my new obsession, they are very patient with me!

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I well done! Never mind those kids, you keep moving that bod 😊 you can always come on here and talk to us ☺ We get it 😊

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Thank you!

The kids are really supportive, they tease me in a very good natured way! :)


Well done. Graduation should be a doddle now!


Go you! :-)


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