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Leg pain

Hi all, Over the past couple of days I've been getting pain in my right leg and ankle. It's fully mobile, doesn't feel like I've pulled anything, I can stretch it and move my ankle no problem, but I can't seem to bear weight on it when I walk (well, I can, but I'm hobbling a bit).

I'm going to take a few days rest but any clues? I will, of course, go to the GP if it hasn't got any better in a couple of days but if anyone has experienced, please let me know (just worried it might be a bone thing rather than a muscle thing!).

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Did anything happen before this? You tripped over a drunk stewardess? Ran 17 miles more than usual? Spent Saturday in the moshpit at a Slayer concert?


Lol! No, not that I recall. Just the usual routine. 😄


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