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sparkly pavements or soggy leaves

I posted a few weeks ago about the fear of running/falling on slippy soggy leaves, that feels like an age ago now! Having started running in the spring, this weather hadn't occurred to me. So up i got this morning at 6am as usual. Out the door at 6.20 to do week 9r3 for the upteenth time! (I need Laura to keep me going!!) And what did is see???

1. my breath

2. sparkly pavements

I nearly went back inside to joint the snoring hubby as I had visions of me going over on the slippy but beautiful pavements.

What have i learnt -

1. it wasn't that slippy - unless you run on a manhole cover. AVOID! plastic or metal both more slippy that the crisp pavements!

2. it is invigorating to see your breath

3. keep your hands covered - extremities get cold!

4. keep running!! :)

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I'm paranoid about slipping on a pavement and breaking my wrist!


I agree about the man hole covers, I nearly went over a couple of weeks ago on one. Scary! Lovely crisp sunny mornings are lovely, but I'm fed up with having to avoid mounds of soggy leaves!


I agree, they are a complete mare !

Whats worse in the soggy mounds of leaves, is that you can find little mounds of dog poo ! Bleurrgh !

Be careful out there folks ! :-) xxx


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