Hi fellow c25kers,

Wondered if anyone suffers from palpitations after exercise and how you deal with them. It's W8R2 for me, I ran 3.02 miles in 28 minutes and then Laura announced it was time to slow down and walk for 5 minutes. At this point my heart began to beat erratically in my chest. After a bit of deep breathing I was OK again but it was pretty scary at the time. Has anyone else encountered this and what tips do you have?


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  • Sonya, I'm sorry to hear about your scary experience.

    Please, don't muck about... make an appointment with your GP and talk it through ASAP. Erratic heartbeat needs professional advice.

    My tip is: don't run again until you've had the OK from a professional.

  • Marky's right. We're not qualified to give medical advice. You need to speak to your GP quickly. Exercise-induced palpitations deserve to be taken seriously. Hopefully it's nothing serious but you need to find out for sure. Good luck, keep us informed :)

  • I don't know how old you are, but I had this when going through the menopause to the point I set up a wave in my bath! It rarely happens these days. As Marky and AM say, go and get it checked out. xx

  • I did see the doc by the way, and had a full check, including an ECG, wearing a monitor for a couple of days, and riding a stationary bike while connected up.

  • I have to agree with everyone as we say on here " if in doubt, check it out". Doctors would far rather put your mind at rest than deal with something after its gone wrong. Anything that scares you health wise needs a check. I'm not saying it's anything major but for piece of mind have a word.

  • I've had palpitations just lying in bed and it got to a stage when I was worried enough to stop running and go to the doctor. Mine were stress related (I was going through a bad thing) but they also found out that I have an irregular heartbeat, which a lot of people have apparently! I am getting extra tests done just for reassurance and although I've been given the all clear to run I'm not doing any speedy running.

    As the others have said, please go and get this checked out. As Tomas told me here, you've only got the one heart and it's pretty important to us! Please keep us updated and in the meantime don't run.

  • Ouch that sounds horrible and must be a bit scary too. Please please go and see your GP. I took some ladies from work out to start C25k, and one of them kept getting really bad headaches...she went to her GP and it turned out she had really high BP. She was OK, but just had to stop running whilst getting her meds sorted out.... Please get it checked out...

  • This isn't something I have experienced and sounds as if it needs investigating to make sure everything is ok. Visit your GP, I am sure they will be very happy that you take health seriously and u r doing so well with running.

  • Hi,

    I've booked a doctor's appointment for tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

    I've had palpitations before and the doctor didn't seem to be overly bothered about it. She told me to pull my fingers and clench my teeth and that apparently slows the heart down but at the time I was treating myself to a coffee after A work out which probably didn't help.

    In answer to curlygurly2 I'm 40, and suffer from anxiety but the fluttering heart symptoms aren't the same as palpitations I sometimes get after exercise.

    I did read somewhere that it happens after exercise as there is still quite a bit of adrenaline pumping round in the body but the heart although trying to slow down is taken over by the adrenaline. It seems like a plausible reason but not a common one judging by your responses. Anyway let's see what the docs say and I hope he tells me I can continue running because I absolutely love it!

    Thanks all for your help


  • Sonya, that's great. Let us know what the doctor says.

  • Hi,

    A little bit overdue but thought I'd let you know what the doc said..

    He took my pulse, listened to my heart via a stethoscope and took my blood pressure and said that he was not concerned at all.

    ..but if the palpitations happened while I was resting then I should come back. Yippee.

  • That's great! Graduation soon for you then!

  • Tonight is the night!

  • How did it go?

  • I can't believe how well it went. Thank you for asking!

  • OOh! Look at your badge! Welcome to the graduates lounge xxx

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