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W8R3 - brrr!

Freeeezing run this morning! But week 8 is complete 😊 The actual act of running went quite well, I feel like I am finding my comfortable pace/breathing rhythm much more easily now, but blimey it was cold! At one point I had to run in the road as the pavement was just too slippy with ice...luckily it was very early so no traffic about, it was a long straight road anyway so I could see what was coming. Health and safety all the way 🏃

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Well done for finishing safely. Early morning ice is a big problem during the winter months. If you do find it necessary to run in the roads, please please please stay safe. Wear proper reflective clothing (not just bright yellow) and if possible, get some of those flashing armbands to make sure you're visible to any traffic.


Ah thanks, I think I need to invest in some high vis! It is a very long straight road though so not too bad today 😊


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