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My Running week

Welcome all to the 2 of you who read my weekly post (jk). Well my week started with a visit to a very nice running shop in Sevenoaks. MrsMat30 had said that I would be getting a new pair of trainers for Christmas and never having had any running trainers before we went to Up and Running to get fitted for them. Well after the extremely helpful gentleman analysed my gait he suggested some trainers and I tested them out and they fit me like a glove. Now, I implored MrsMat30 to let me take a pic of them as I know by rights I should post a pic of them on here, but she wasn't budging, so the pic will have to wait until Christmas when I actually get them. I have tried the puppy dog look and the "well the man in the shop said that these new trainers will right a lot wrongs in my gait" tactic and that didn't work either so out I went on Wednesday for my first run in about 9 days in my poor old trusty trainers. Still somehow managed to get through my run :-) in a okish time and then ran this morning again in my old trainers (broken record here but I will have to get MrsMat30 to read these posts). Ironically had a trip and fell flat on my face just after turning on my headlamp to go down a unlit road. At least I found it funny and no injuries unlike going Shopping! (for those poor souls who subject themselves to my weekly post you know what that means).

Christmas can't come soon enough so I can go out for a run, MrsMat30 said no running on Christmas Day!!! Boxing day it will be then in my new go faster (I hope) fully supportive running shoes!

Until next week, stay injury free and keep on running!

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It is really an anticlimax. If you get the new trainers now, the anticipation will be gone but then you are sad not to get them now......

Seriously it is very exciting for you to know that on Boxing Day you will wear those little beauties.


Mat, you are the only man I'm aware of who listens to what his wife says.........

And I can't believe you've fallen again! Let's hope you don't make it a hat trick!

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Irishprincess I am so going to show this post to MrsMat30, I have been telling her for the last 21 years of wedded bliss that I listen to her lol.


Haha! And that, Mat, is why you've been married for 21 years!

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