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100miles in November challenge - update

Thanks Rignold ( I think?!) for pointing me at this challenge.

My partner and I signed up and are walking it - mainly, I am still doing my personal mile a day challenge and including it in the daily walk...

Anyway at the halfway point I was over 3/4 there and Bill had done 60+ so we're well on track :)

Even in the solid 5 days of rain last week, we still headed out for our 3 miles, so the challenge is working!

Just trying to decide whether to join in with the Holiday Streak now!!??

Oh and I did my first park run on Saturday, only previous 5k was a work thing and took me 38 mins so really wanted to do this in 36 if I could. My official time was 33:25 !!!! so amazed and pleased, although slightly daunted that I'll ever manage to better it. Thanks for the encouragement to tackle it - don't think it will be my last :)

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You sound like nothing will get in your way completing the challenge!!😆and well done on your parkrun time, brilliant! 😊


Thanks Ali

I am pretty detirmined, or is that stubborn!?


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