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My Asics training plan

HI , been using MyAsics Training plan which I think is brilliant but it does seem to have some bugs ….My plan is linked to my calendar which in theory is great but when I changed the finish date on my plan it then downloaded both versions of the plan … my calendar is now looking very full with sometimes two runs on the same day ! have tried to delete them both and start again but that also is not working … when you go on the site to ask how to do it it won't let me post the question … anyone got any experience with this ?

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sorry no - I'm technically challenged to say the least!

hope you can get it sorted out soon


Thanks Jeleybelly … me too …… but managed to sort it out for anyone else who is grappling with the same thing …… you have to go to my subscriptions on the Ical and delete there … obvious really !


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