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Week 8 run 2 - numb legs?

So another long gap between runs (9 days) which once again made me nervous ahead of doing my wk 8 run 2. But again in the end it was fine. The one weird thing was at the end my legs were totally numb. This meant that I decided to run as fast as possible for the last minute and I didn't feel anything, my legs were like jelly. It felt a little like when you were a kid and running as fast as possible down hill. I wonder what this means? Perhaps I'm going to slow in the overall run, maybe I was pushing my legs too hard? I don't know. Very strange but at least I completed it.

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Have seen this on a forum.....

One of the things i'm looking at on this forum is people with numb legs or feet.

I've suffered with this issue for a few years now. My left foot goes numb, and over a few miles eventually all of my lower left leg goes numb and I have to stop because I cant feel it connecting with the ground, and hence an injury risk.

It's not my shoes, they are not too tight.

I've noticed it happens only if I have a break from running.

I've come to the conclusion it's basically compartment syndrome, as the calf gets swollen it compresses on the nerve, which then shuts down, hence numb leg. Bush tribesman use this for medicinal purposes.

I've experimented quite a lot, and find that you can run through it , if you up your pace,, first signs of numbness, check your speed. It's slow running that is putting extra strain on the calf, try upping the pace a little. Also wiggle your toes every now and then in the affected limb.

If you find that each run allows you to go a little further before it happens, then you have same issue as me


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