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Wk 8 R3 over

Phew! I found that pretty tough. I tried it on Sunday but was beaten by the wind do decided to wait a couple of days before trying again.

Found it more difficult to pace myself for some reason today and I doubt I'll ever get the knack of the breathing- I really struggle with it.

Thursday will be the start of the final week, can't quite believe it!

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The wind can make it tough, even quite experienced runners have told me they struggle to get in their stride in very windy conditions.

I have found that concentrating on the "out" breath, keeping it controlled and making sure I get as much air as possible out helps for me, but I may just be weird!

Are you going slowly enough? Running really, really slowly will help you master the breathing, you can then worry about speed when you can run and feel reasonably comfortable.

Keep us posted!

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Well done with keeping going, and getting out again after a setback. Good luck with that final week. You can do this!

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Good luck for Thursday and the start of your graduation week. You can do the two extra mins...

Its what you have been building up to.

Look forward to reading about your success.


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