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Every run is different!

I ran on Friday night in the dark with a belly full of food and had a fantastic run and enjoyed it, even hills seemed easy. Today, Monday morning, every step was an effort and I could have stopped 100 times! Just when I think I am a real runner and ready to go for 10K, seem to feel like a beginner again. Main thing is I did it. Now I have graduated, my minimum is 30 mins X 3 times a week but then I run on to 5K. Still feel this distance is a challenge but so glad I graduated and kept running! Still, even in a hard run, feel my legs recover better and have less aching and stiffness in my knees, so think I am making slow progress 😄

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Sounds like you are doing really well!

It's funny how some days a run is easy or hard. Sometimes you can rationalise it and sometimes not at all!

You will find that there is a gradual change, both physically and mentally, as you become a "hardened" runner. Once you have run a 5k dozens of times, you will _know_ without question that you can do it, which makes it easier to keep going on the difficult days, and your legs will be much more accepting. Sounds like you are going that way already.

Slow progress is the best sort because you know it's sustainable and you are not making at the cost of damage or injury.

Well done! Keep it up!


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You're fantastic JoolieB- an inspiration as well- Go you :)

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You're doing well and you're absolutely right about every run being different. I often find there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why one run should be harder or easier than another and sometimes the days you feel like you will run well are the ones that are the hardest and vice versa! The fact that you are feeling the improvement in your recovery says it all really.

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Thanks everyone, so lovely to be part of this group, we r all in it together - week 1 or graduate, we are all in it to win it!


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