More than half way

Amazing. The last two runs have been on days where the weather from hurricane (or Strong Wind) Abigail promised death and destruction, but a pause when I went out only to resume with renewed heat light and sound when I got back!! Shall I post when I'm going out again so you can all enjoy my personal weather??

So that's w4r2 over which means I am officially past half way on the course as two thirds of a week is how it goes! I am also officially running longer than I am walking! I've done this course before but am sure it seemed more of a slog last time around. Of course I have the dreaded week 5 to come but let's not think about that! Today has enough difficulties of its own.

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  • Way to go OT! You're doing great! Shame about your own personal weather front though. It won't always be dark at six! LOL

    Just keep plugging steadily away.

  • Well done! Just keep at it and you'll get there :-)

  • Ha ha OT, oh you do make me laugh ! :-) So do the tags at the bottom of your post ha ha :-)

    You are doing great Missus, youre over the hump , halfway there , and youre out there in the elements ! Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • I don't know how those tags appear! Anyone wanting to look up Death is going to be mildly surprised at the unhelpfulness in it. Any Goths out there...?

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