Week 5, run number2

Hi All,

I've just got back in from doing the 2nd run of week 5, after going backwards a bit due to back pain a couple of weeks ago. When I started the 8 minute run, my head started to pound as if it was going to explode! It calmed down when I walked and then started up even worse on the second 8 minute run. I've just taken pain killers with a pint of water and have done some stretches and it's much easier.

Has anyone else experienced this? What am I doing wrong? I thought it would get easier, but I feel like I'm falling apart!

Fed up!!!!!

4 Replies

  • Not experienced that myself. Do you have high blood pressure?

  • No it's always been low to normal!

  • Might be worth just getting checked out, if you are worried about feeling rotten it will make things really tough, then you can relax and enjoy your efforts.

  • Yes I'm going out to try run 3 of week 5 tomorrow, so I'll see how I feel and if it happens again I'll see my GP.


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