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6k and counting...😀

After my feeble excuses for not getting to my first Parkrun yesterday, I am really pleased that I got out early today for a run. It was a little tough going in places as some of the trails I run on we're so slippy and muddy, but I am chuffed that I ran for 40mins, covering just over 6k. That is my longest run (time wise) and furthest distance. The run itself is so beautiful and the weather was perfect - mild but a little blustery!! 🍂🍁🍂Returned home ready for my porridge and with a smile on my face! That 10 k in March doesn't scare me any more! Onwards and upwards...😀🏃🏻😀

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Well done Sandra :) High five for morning runs. I didn't get to parkrun either yesterday (it would have been my 7th yesterday) because I was away, but I was quite looking forward to a solo run today! Hope you get to parkrun soon - don't worry and I really think you'll enjoy it!

I'm toying with a 10K in Feb but just worried about injury, I am going to see a physio in December for a check up as I have a dodgy back and I think I run a bit weird!

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Oooh porridge! I could just eat some. Might have some for lunch, post run. It really hits the spot doesn't it

Well done on getting out today. Pity you missed Parkrun though. Maybe next week

I'm keeping off the trail today as we had such storms last night that the paths will be just strewn with branches etc and it makes it so hard to pick a way through. I'm off round town


Today's porridge was with raspberries, chopped almonds, banana and a dash of honey! Heaven! Very wise keeping away from trails today - I probably should have done the same and enjoyed some 'pavement pounding' instead! happy running😀


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