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Wk 6

So, after my disasterous week 5 fall, have taken most of the week to recover and am now almost fully fit. Have managed two runs this week - Run 2 and Run 3. Was really hard starting again after a 10 day gap and with 10 minute runs but managed both parts of Run 2 with only a little discomfort (was extra cautious to make sure I didn't do myself any additional damage)

Out this morning for Run 3, was hard going. Had a small issue with the app (it stopped working at the halfway point and only realised when had almost completed the circuit - it now thinks I can complete 5k in 8 minutes!). My legs were really tired, they seem to go quite wobbly at around 14 minutes and then take a little while to get back to normal so it wasn't a particularly spectacular run but given have had a break, was pleased with the achievement and just grateful the fall didn't take me out for a much longer period.

Roll on Week 7!!

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Yes, roll on indeed. Put last week behind you, it's done and dusted. Take your time. No rush. Week 7 is easier than week 6! If you take your time and go nice and steady you will have enough puff to get round. Colder weather and windy conditions can make running more of a challenge so take it steady

Good luck!


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