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There's a new community for other fitness challenges


I've started up a new fitness community called 'Push Youself' -

in order to work on other types of fitness challenges beside running.

I'm starting off with the 100 push-up challenge -

There are also a number of other challenges to work out core strength (amongst other types). If anyone is interested, then come join us!

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I'm in, I really need to do some core work. thanks for setting this up.


Thank you, yes I am interested ! :-) xxx


Yes, I've joined too (I think!) - thanks for setting this up :)


A great idea, danm.

I hope you will all read Rignold's response to the 100 push up challenge as a reply to his post You may not agree with all he says but it does give food for thought, before you embark on this task.


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