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My Running Week

In as few words as I can put this down today. I couldn't run. Had a minor setback last Sunday, MrsMat30 took me shopping and I hurt my foot, so it was the injury couch for me. Having said that I did cycle an extra day so cycled 57km this week instead. Foot feels better, couldn't even go to look at new running shoes, I think my wife planned it!! Stay injury free and happy running!

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I'm sorry Mat but when I read this I giggled (not because you injured yourself) but because you run and you cycle and you picked up an injury when out shopping! How did you do that? I hope it gets better quickly and you can get back to your running, and no shopping for a while!


Ha ha don't apologise Irishprincess I had just finished swimming and we were going straight to the town and as we were walking around something in my foot clicked and was just painful. Finally felt ok around Friday but will take it easy next week and see how it goes.


Very dangerous pastime that shopping lark !

Oh Mat hope your foot feels better soon and you can get back to more safer pursuits !

Take care and treat yourself to some new shoes when youre better ! :-) xxx

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I agree poppypug I won't be doing that again. It's interupted my triathlon training and I can't have that ;-)

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