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GPS watch with Heart Rate & Music - TomTom

I got an email flyer from StartFitness - very much a competitor of SportShoes.com and couldn't help but notice their sale of TomTom's range of running/fitness watches.


I have a TomTom Cardio Runner - which is a GPS watch with built-in heart-rate monitor - I've had it since August and I'm really pleased with it.

They're recently brought a new range of watches - "Spark" and "Runner 2" which now allow you to play music from the watch via Bluetooth.

Here is a review from the renowned DC Rainmaker


I've no connection or vested interest in StartFitness, but thought I'd share because of the continuing interest in these types of devices amongst this growing community.



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They look good John, nice big numbers & music. Wonder if the music's preselected or can put your own on? That would be excellent..


Hi Dave,

Yeah, they look don't they?

You can definitely put your own music on (or podcasts or other mp3s etc) . As DC Rainmaker's review states, the music versions (Spark), have 3Gb storage, 2Gb of which is usable and they come pre-loaded with an 11 (?) song playlist.

As I said, I've had the TomTom Cardio Runner since August and I'm very happy with it. I really enjoy the built-in heart rate monitoring - no strap required! You can also export data to CSV files as well as a variety of sites like Strava and Runkeeper etc.

The watch is by no means perfect but none of these types of things are. There's things that Garmin and Polar do better, but you pays your money etc.

I'll be interested to know if you take the plunge and what you think of it,




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