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How to stop your laces coming undone.

I must either be terrible at tying up shoe laces or i have funny feet which invite the laces to come undone. My laces are always coming undone which is very frustrating when you are running, especially if you are going for a time or doing a parkrun. Before now i have run a number of parkruns with my laces flapping around my trainers as i have decided to run on with re-lacing them. I then read about how to tie your laces up so that they don't continually come unlaced. For the last 12 months i have tied my laces using this method with complete success. I have just come across a you tube video which demonstrates this method.

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Elastic locking laces have been a revelation for me - no tying, no coming undone.

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The link won't work for me so I can't see. However my husband is totally frustrated by this problem but I never suffer. The differences I've spotted are that I have flat laces and that I tie using the "knot two loops" method.


Xtenex laces are another option. (although this is not the cheapest link - I pay about £6 for mine)


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