W7R2 - Tough

Did second run yesterday morning, horizontal rain and very strong wind blowing. I found it the toughest yet. I was like a beetroot when I got home.

I'm sure it was just the very harsh weather conditions, took quite a lot longer than normal to recover, but feel great a day on and can't wait to complete another week tomorrow morning.

Didn't manage a burst of energy like on the last run, but to be honest I am delighted just to have managed to finish.

4 Replies

  • "Tough" - seems like that describes you!

    If you can run in those conditions you're a real runner.

    Not long now until you Graduate so keep posting, we're right behind you.

  • But you did it! That's all that matters. Good job.

  • Well done, that's a great achievement....I never managed that last burst of energy hahhaha......I wouldn't have wanted to be running yesterday! Will go out tomorrow for a plod....and see if I can add a bit more to the distance.....xxx

  • Well done for succeeding in such awful conditions - true grit!

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