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Soft shoe shuffle

Oof! W3 run 1 and the stupid battery in my stupid phone stupid well packed in! So I had to use my watch which is not as satisfying because it doesn't tell me how good I am like the Lovely Laura!! My "running" is just a soft shoe shuffle, does that count??😩😩.

This is my second time on C25k I did it some four years ago, then tweaked something in my calf and let it slip. I play tennis quite often but this does me more good, partly because I am not enjoying it yet!!! My reward will be great in Heaven! Can't tell you how good I feel and virtuous when I have done it though.

I'm 63 and retired in July. I want to get this done by Christmas as a slimming present to myself also to justify sitting on the couch in the afternoon knitting, which is also pretty zen and good for wellbeing.

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Soft shoe shuffle is very good, and sounds much more pleasant than pavement pounding. :D

Keep up the good work. It takes motivation to continue without Laura's encouragement in the first few weeks. Well done you!


Thanks for that!! I've been reading a lot of people's posts and it's encouraging to read how people found it as difficult as I am. Really determined to do it before Christmas!

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Just post here and we'll tell you how good you are! Well done.


I'm really hoping to run the full 5k for breast cancer next summer instead of walk shuffle shuffle!! If (when?) I do it just open your kitchen window, you'll hear that I've done it, yells of triumph!!


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