Given Up - Lost my MOJO

I have to come clean - I've given up and lost the will to get my bum up off the sofa! I managed to get to week 5 with the running group, however, I was only going once a week and doing the run with the group.

I did do a parkrun which i did in 45 minutes so I was chuffed with that!

I had a bad chest infection and ever since I recovered, I stopped I can't get back into it. I'm planning on starting again from Week 1 on my own and signing up to a 5K in the spring to keep me motivated. I think I really do need a goal for motivation, however, with the dark nights setting in I know I'll have trouble. I'm my own worst enemy!

What keeps you guys motivated to get up and go?

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  • Hi Katie, i started c25k with a fundraising goal in mind, I set up a just giving page & decided I'd run a park run in 10 weeks from te day I started. I've raised over £300 & my park run is next Saturday, I've got a bad chest at the moment but I'm dying to get back out there because I can't not do it, people had sponsored me. Whenever I've felt like not going, that has really spurred me on. If there is a cause or charity you fancy raising some money for, it may be a way to get yourself focused? Good luck!xx

  • WOW that's really good of you! That is a really good idea - because I do get alot of stick for not seeing things through so its a way to prove people wrong and make money for charity!

    Hope your chest clears up soon!

  • Thank you, and I hope you find your mojo!! I'm sure you will. For me I knew I needed the "excuse" of raising money, I give up on lots of things but I'd never let people who sponsored me down, and the charity too, it gives you a real goal & you know you have to get on with it 😊 xxx

  • My wish to be healthy is my biggest motivator...

    Only yesterday I had a look at, maybe this will give you a push off the sofa?

    Good luck!

  • what a great idea- would you like to refer me as a friend? apparently we both benefit if you do and I can use the code when signing up?!

  • I would have loved to but I signed up yesterday, I am afraid! Is it too late now? I guess it is?

  • Keep running with the group. That way you get to run through winter with other peeps. Safety in numbers, and you get your work out. Better than the sofa! All of life is out there! You just have to dig deep and push yourself. Not always easy we know that!

    It would be the easy way out to just quit. Come on!

  • I had a chest infection at the start of week 4. And I had to take 2 weeks off.

    When I restarted, I felt much better.

    What keeps me going is my planned events of next year.

    1. Tough Mudder - I did it in 5 and half hours this year. I would like to finish it under 4 hours next year.

    2. Great Scottish Run - Half Marathon - I did it in 3:22 this year. I would like to do it under 2:50 next year as that is the cut-off time for Paris Half Marathon.

    The plan for 2017 is to do one half marathon a month and eventually do one or two full marathons.

    These goals keep me motivated.

    That and being overweight with Type 2 Diabetes :-)

    I hope you get better soon.

    Go back a week if you have to. But keep with the fight!

  • Type 2 keeps me running, I like me feet and eyesight. Its a small price for me to pay, on a plus side I get fit.

  • Sometimes it's just going out that keeps me motivated. I.e. once I am out I really enjoy it! 😉 Having a goal like a 5k event sounds like a good idea. I tend to have various runs to look forward to.

  • Family and friends keep me motivated. My struggle is waking up early in the morning to go for a run (afternoons not feasible). So one friend volunteered to wake me up. Also, I talked about my running so much that my family is interested and ask for progress reports. Can't give those if I didn't run.

  • I think ongoing motivation comes from establishing running as a habit, so you feel uncomfortable if ever you need to postpone a run. Use any of the ideas others have provided to give you the short term motivation to establish the habit - then it should hopefully feed itself.

  • You don't say how long you've been away from running - it may not be necessary to go back to week 1. Think back to why you decided to do C25K - then get yourself back in the same mindset. The most difficult part is getting out of the door in your kit, and the longer you wait, the more the gremlins will kick in.

    Accountability did it for me - I signed up here, and told my family that I was going to do it. With three teenagers who didn't think their mother would ever run even 100m , there was no going back without getting egg on my face. I set myself a one day at a time philosophy - tick the boxes, no excuses, week in, week out. I'll be running my first 10k race in January with kiddo number two - so I can safely say that it worked.

    Keep us posted!

  • If intrinsic motivation has slumped, use an extrinsic motivator - promise youself a reward if you get out 3 times next week, do a before/after comparaisn to see how your bum looks better for running, something like that.

    You only need t get out a couple of times to get back into the swing.

  • Trying to avoid an inevitable age related decline in my stamina was my reason for starting to run and the benefits after two years are amazing. I still occasionally have trouble getting out there, but each run delivers the reminder that I am so lucky to be able to do this, as opposed to those of my peers who have suffered major heart disease and physical decline, simply because they left it too late to do anything about it.

    Keep running, keep smiling, keep living.

  • My motivation is part good, part not so good. On the one hand, as has been said, I want to get a bit healthier and lose a little weight. On the other hand, I admit it, I like a few too many beers and wines especially at the weekend. This is hampering the weight loss a little. But I'd still have a few drinks if I didn't run so at least I'm offsetting things a little bit.

  • i think of the time in the future that I will not be able to run cos ill be physically unable or just too old!!

    That thought spurs me on...also when I see people with physical disabilities taking part in sport it makes me think of the effort they put in to do things that we normal people take for granted...

  • I retired early from my job due to depression, as strongly advised by my GP. And after some years of recovery found I needed to do something to really test & push myself, as l always thought lack of excercise had a part to play in my illness. And didn't want to remain on antidepressants.

    So did the plan, and have now made running a hobby, and a good way to keep fit & healthy.

    So much so, on Monday my doctor discharged me from being treated for the illness and said that I looked like a different person and to keep on running.

    So, do I need anymore motivation to keep running? I don't think so!😀

    Btw, I also play tennis now after joining a club.

  • brill davelinks

    ur story confirms what i thought bout lifts your mood and gives you the motivation to carry on..keep it up!!

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