Meniscus and MRI

Well the MRI scan is done and I now know why my knee has been bothering me. NB the pain predates any running activity.

The meniscus is damaged but not enough to be operated on. Strangely when I run it doesn't hurt and since I started in September my knee has felt better. It hurts most after long periods of inactivity ie car journeys, sitting at a desk. Weighing up the pros and cons I feel that running has brought me so much benefit (sleep, general happiness, self confidence ...) that I can stand a small amount of pain.

Any thoughts ? Is anyone else running with this sort of problem ? BTW I am 49 and have reached the end of Week 7.


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8 Replies

  • I haven't any knowledge of the condition I'm afraid. Have the docs given you any advice? I have oestoarthritis and if I stop moving for too long I seize up. I had a couple of nasty infections this year and I was hobbling like a goodun at the end of them but a couple of weeks transitioning back to running I was ok again. Good luck.

  • I have yet to see my GP with results. I think moderate activity is always better than nothing. WhenI've finished C25K I might try running maybe twice a week and swimming and cycling on other days. i hope I'll be able to keep on running.

  • With all those benefits you don't want to give up on your running unless you are actually causing damage from it.

    I'm sure you'll speak to the doctor and I would ask whether (s)he thinks running gently at 30 mins a time will cause damage. If not, then go ahead - obviously you don't want to cause any more injury but activity is nearly always good if you can tolerate it and it sounds like it may be helping rather than exacerbating the problem.

    Hope you get to carry on!


  • Thank you. Sounds like excellent advice :)

  • I had a damaged meniscus (in both knees but not at the same time). I went to physio and they gave me exercises to do - the main result they wanted was to strengthen my quads so squats etc are good to do. I still get the odd twinge from them but they behave most of the time.

  • Thank you. that's very encouraging. Just finished week 7 run 3 and I really want to carry on.

  • I'd get it checked out and ask your GP before you run. My oldest son had a split in his meniscus, and when he jarred his knee in a pot hole the knee swelled up because a piece of meniscus broke off. He ended up having an operation. I don't want to be an alarmist, but please go gentle on it. (Signed: the Mum who saw how much it can hurt).

  • Thank you for your concern . My meniscus is not split. It's just the wear and tear of age and it's a hereditary thing. In young people it's usually sport-related or the result of trauma as in your son's case. I hope he is fully recovered. I will however go and see my GP with the results as he was the one who sent me for the MRI scan in the first place so we definitely need to talk about it.

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