So, after my week off

I repeated W7R1 after a forced week off due to my having stitches.

I expected to struggle after a really sedentary week but was surprised at how easy I found it! Admittedly, I took it quite slowly but without getting too cocky I was actually disappointed when Laura said stop, I felt I could have gone a while longer so had little sprint after the 25 mins.

On the down side I now have a blister on my heel. Any tips for that??

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  • Don't know about blisters but I had a fab run after an enforced week off. Sometimes we need a longer rest and come back stronger.

  • Well done! Blister prevention, have a look on You Tube for different ways to tie ur laces, heel lock for example stops the trainer slipping. Week 7 seems to be the cheeky, over confident week. I ran 5K twice that week to see if I could do it! Got back to the programme after that to avoid injury!! Julie

  • Glad you're successfully back in the game! Try changing your socks or rubbing a bit of bodyglide/lanacane/Vaseline on the offending heel for prevention. And now it's too late for that, those compeed blister plasters are really good.

  • Thanks all. Will take that advice too. I might treat myself to a new pair of trainers actually, I think the inside of one heel is worn and a bit sharp. They were very cheap anyway as I didn't truly expect to be able to get this far!

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