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Just started week 1

Hi all, I have just started c25k this week, I do a lot of ultra distance walking so over 26.2miles my last challenge was 75 miles over 2 days, unfortunately I had to retire at 50 miles , so wanted to add some running to the mix, I went out on Tuesday for workout 1 and Failed got a stitch on the second but last run, think I was going two fast my app said I was running/walking 10.48min miles, how do I slow down?


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reduce your cadence


Slow down! Just like that! Be a bit Zen about it, rather than wanting to attack it like a bull at a gate. You pace yourself on your walks I imagine, so I don't see any real difference, but then I'm not an ultra walker.


Hello Paul - and welcome to c25k.

If you do all of this walking I expect that you will be pretty fit and will easily cope with c25k. However, it will also make it easy for you to start out too fast and get injured or fatigued too quickly. Your walking will have made you tougher than average but even so there are muscles that you use for running that won't be emphasised in walking. It took me about a year for the little muscles at the sides of my calves to catch up with the rest of my legs and stop aching!

I would aim at no faster than 12 or 12:30 min/mile. That will seem to you to be slower than you can walk (and may well in fact be so) but that does not take away from the benefit that it will do you. By all means work on your speed once you are comfortably running 30 mins at a time but if you have not run for a sustained period recently then you do need to give your muscles and joints a chance to adapt to this new activity. 9 weeks is not long to remain restrained and you will benefit from it by the lower chance of getting injured.

Well done for starting - and your didn't _fail_ your run. You simply ran slightly less than you planned! Take it slow and you will have no trouble next time.

Happy running!


PS - I should emphasis that that's 12-12:30/mile for the running part. 15min/mile is a brisk walk and easily enough even though you walk a lot. If you were averaging 10:48 including the walking then that's _way_ too fast for the running part, at least to start.

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Thanks all, I just returned from the 2nd attempt and I nailed it, pace all in including the 5 min brisk walk start and finish was 12.12min miles just got to do it again Saturday and Monday :-)

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