Slowly getting there

I haven't posted for a while but I've still been running. I have been really busy lately so have only been able to run twice a week. I've also been plagued with stich, it was so bad the other day it stopped me and doubled me over, no way could I run through it. Today I tried not eating or drinking before running and although I had no stich I found the run really hard due to no fuel.

I felt like I ran way slower than normal so I pushed myself to run further. I have been running around 4k in 35 mins and today I managed 4.5k in 40 mins. It is a month since I graduated and the 5k is in my sight, just slightly out of reach, but I'm getting there.

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  • Just take things at your own pace, the stitch is often my sign to slow down a bit, I think you took the right approach. Well done on your graduation & for keeping the running up. Why not try & mix another exercise in somehow to your day if the third run is out of reach. I had to cut to 2 for a while this year, life gets busy! The fitter we are the better our running form will be when we do get out there for a run x

  • Well done for plugging at it, easy to let things slide when life gets hectic. Good luck with the target!

  • I always have a small banana and a large glass of water about 15 minutes before I go running. I find this definitely helps. Also, are you pushing out your stomach when you breathe in? That helps too :)

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