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Today was the day

I finally got over jet lag, was awake at 5am and decide to go running down my favourite spot on the beach. Actually to redo W1R1. I hadn't done much while on extended holiday so decided to re-do all the weeks once, just to get back into it.

W1R1 was a breeze. I found I was holding myself straighter, looking ahead, smelling the fresh air. I did not shuffle but hopped along with joy. 🐰. I went four in, four out as taught by Laura. I did not worry so much about getting over the soft sand before the hard sand. It somehow was ok. I felt a bit of a pull at the back of my thighs, that is all. I feel great. Can't wait for Friday for Week 2. It will be interesting to see how easy or how long it will take me to be back to 6K.

Cheers everyone

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You'll be back to 6K in no time! Did you ever think, when you started running, that you'd say week 1 was a "breeze"???

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Thanks Princess, no I would never have thought week 1 was a breeze when I first started. Amazing isn't it !


Go you! Your body doesn't forget any quicker than your conscience, by the looks of things - HUZZAH! Keep going, girl!


Thanks mfamilias, week 3 tomorrow, week 4 Wednesday and W5R1 Friday. Yippee, I am on a roll....


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