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Week 6 Run 3 - success!

Having had to stop just short on my first attempt at WK6 Run 3 I was very down on myself and dreading having to have another go. Since the first attempt I have had a few long walks instead as I can easily walk 5km but am still a way off being able to run that far. Also my walking pace isn't much slower than my running. However today it was a beautiful morning, chilly but not a cloud in the blue sky, and the sun shining on the sea made it sparkle. I am so lucky to have the seafront to run along so off I went on my second attempt. This time I ran as slowly as I possibly could and I made it through the whole 25 minutes. Hurrah!! I even felt like I had a couple more minutes in my legs and my face wasn't as red as I usually is. I'm still not sure if I love running that much but at least I feel I can now try moving on to the next week.

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Great achievement! Sounds like you run in a lovely place too. What a difference it makes having a nice view!


Well done! I really struggled with W6R2! Had to do that twice. It got me down too but as others say, we all have bad days. It's great when it goes well again though!


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