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Finally running again after injury

After injuring myslef almost 4 weeks ago (groin strain, but not too severe), whne i had been at week 5 run 3, I thought I would try running again today. Took it back to week 3 and kept it slow and no pain, just a little niggle, so I think I picked the right place to start back at.

Fingers crossed if I am careful, I will get there eventually.. So I will take two day rests and keep at week three til no niggles.

Strange how much you can miss running when you have spent most of your life avoiding it!!

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It is weirdly addictive isn't it? Good luck and take it steady.


It's true, running is so addictive! Hope you get on fine from now on and may all your niggles be little ones :)


Welcome back Gnet! Hope you get through the rest of the programme injury free :-)


Welcome back! What made this run so good, do u think a slower pace is better for you to help u progress through the weeks? Julie


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