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Time improving since graduating :-)

I graduated 3 weeks ago and was over the moon to have completed the whole programme.

I've continued to run 2 or 3 times a week in between a family bereavement, a funeral, family stuff and a few days holiday.

Was visiting hubbies family at the weekend and they stay literally at the finish line of the Great North Run so I decided that I was going to plan my run to finish at the finish line.

Got up to a perfect morning and set off along the South Shields cliff top in the opposite direction to run my first 1.5 or so miles. All went ok - apart from a couple of dogs getting a wee bit excited that I was their plaything and then turned to run back. By mile 2 I knew I was on a good pace so just kept plodding on. Could see the finish line - hmmm a bit further on than I remembered but that was ok. When my app told me it was 3 miles and my pace was faster than I'd ever done, I actually sprinted for the last 200 yards to make sure I'd done at least 5k!!!

I almost danced back along the road when I found out my time was 31.58!! My time when I graduated 3 weeks ago was 34.33. So - over 2m 30s improvement!! The only difference was that it was a bit flatter than my usual route but I'm totally going to try to equal it tomorrow on my usual route.

I've also provisionally booked my bed at their house for the GNR next year - I had better start increasing my distance - only 10 miles to add lol

PPS I think I persuaded hubbies cousin to start C25K after she saw how much trimmer I looked since starting!

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Brilliant! The GNR is an amazing atmosphere, I was inspired to start running after watching it this year - nowhere near running it myself yet but one day!

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I've watched it a few times and wished I was fit enough to do it! Totally got the running bug now and am going to focus on increasing my runs by a quarter mile every week - that seems doable!!!

I'm sure you won't be far behind me :-)

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