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Back again

Had the biggest gap since I started C25K. Four weeks - mainly due to pressure of work and moving offices. Then went on a canal holiday, and managed to run the Napton lock-flight with a windlass in one hand to set the locks when I reached them. A couple of "Laura" runs (went back to Week 6). Then another week's gap.

Saturday I ran Week Six R 2 again, and today I did R3. Now all I have to do is get out there again on THursday & Saturday, and I'll be back on my way.....

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That is great to hear. We know that even if fun things drag us away from running, there is a way back. Good for u. I got on my bike for the first time in weeks as I gave it up to focus on running! Mix and match, it is all good for us 😀


Great! Welcome back to running! :-D

Ps, always wanted to go on a canal holiday!


4 weeks isn't too long really, good idea to go back to week 6 :D well done on getting back out there


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