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Went for my W1R1 last week which I am not going to lie it was hard but I felt brilliant at the end of it and concluded that if it was hard then it is probably the best form of exercise for me 😊 however, mid afternoon my hip had a dull pain which for the rest of the week got aggravated by any form of stress e.g.pushing buggy across country tracks/bridleways.

As a consequence I decided to book myself into see a physio who has told me I need to stop running 😢 and I need to strengthen my ligaments post baby this incorporates Pilates, swimming and cycling she did promise that if I follow her instructions I should be able to pick up where I left off with running so that will be W1R1 hahaha !

Anyway good news is that I completed my 50k bike race last week and came 12th put of 208 participants - so life is not too bad for me in the exercise world 😊

So my updates might just be about my progress towards that first run for now 😉

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I would have thought you'd have more conditioning in general to give you a good start with running, what with you cycling so far and so fast. Amazing how the requirements of the different disciplines can differ like that. Anyway good for you for getting it attended to, and not just hoping for better days. "Tendons first" again. The strength training is possibly a recommendation more of us should follow. (My ligaments would disintegrate if I tried to cycle 50km, for instance). Strength training puts high demands on the tissues for a short enough duration not to mess things up too much, so you get the bit of "damage" you need, but also healing.


Thanks for the reply yes funny how different sports can have a different impact on your body, cycling is considered a low impact exercise which doesn't put any force/ tension on your ligaments. The pounding on the track just upset my loose hips/pelvis which soften for the baby. The physio said that the nerves and ligament strength can take up to three years to heal/connect again after a baby so considering I also have a two year old they were never fully healed in the first place. But with the strength exercises I will be running soon


You were very sensible going to see a physio at this stage and the running will still be there for you when you are ready.

Many congratulations on the bike ride. That's amazing! 12th out of 208!! That's some achievement.

With that level of fitness you'll sail through the running programme. Please make sure you post when you start running again. All the best.


Sail more like snail! I am the worlds worst runner don't let that cycling fool you! 😊


I too think you were remarkably sensible to see a physio so promptly. Having a baby plays havoc with your ligaments - my feet grew a whole size when I was pregnant and lowly shrank back again in the year after the baby was born- so follow your physio's advice and, of course, keep posting how you're getting on. Good luck :)


Babies they certainly do play havoc with your body but they are definitely worth it - even if I do feel about 80 years old at the moment 😊


Doesn't it make Jessica Ennis-Hill's achievement stand out even more?!

Very best wishes as you get your body back together (kind of literally I suppose) and then restart your running adventure.

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