3 new PBS and new running top!

3 new PBS and new running top!

Here I am in my new purple running top, I love it so much. It must have made me run faster because I had 3 PBs this morning. This is the 5th time I've run 6k (trying to include one 6k run each week now). My PBs:

6km 40:17min

5km 33:03min

1km 5:55min (1st time under 6min)

Thanks for all the advice about running tops. I went for 2 long sleeve tops, both Karrimor, and a short sleeve base layer, by Gelert. All comfy, good fits, and if they all make me run this fast I will be very happy.

Behind me is one of the now familiar sights along my local canal, loads of building works, piles of earth, diggers etc, shiny new blocks of flats, and if you look closely the 'Orbit' in the Olympic Park is visible poking out behind one of the towers. And a little coot is swimming in the water absolutely oblivious to it all. As am I high on endorphins at the end of my epic run. Happy days :)

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  • Looking and feeling good then Ruth. Amazing achievement. Sooo envious!

  • Thanks Candystripe! Yep I felt the business running along in my proper running top. I'm sure you could do it too, no need to be envious, just give it a try :)

  • I don't know if my brain or feet would know what to do Ruth!

  • They just do what their told, with Laura talking you through it all on each podcast. I can tell you're considering it CS :)

  • Oh hell....podcast! Laura! Running..... I feel quite faint!

  • Lovely Ruth ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I too purchased a purple long sleeve top on Thursday and got a PB on my 1k and 1 mile haha not quite PB on 5k @ 36.33 but getting there X happy running x

  • Woohoo! Power to the purple. Enjoy your new top too :)

  • Well done on nailing those PB's! A new piece of running kit always gives you a boost doesn't it

    Lovely new top! I love all things purple to run in! My lucky leggings are purple uns

    Well done! Keep up the good work. Your skyline looks busy!

  • The skyline is chaos. I'm sure there's a new tower every week. The piles of dirt represents what's going to be a new 'village' just on the Bow Roundabout with an arts centre, everything. Doesn't look like much yet...

  • Well done too to you Dawn!!!!!

    I was looking at long run leggings on Start Fitness website the other day. There is just too much choice!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

  • Ruth, those times are getting impressive, especially the 1 and 5k. You must be really pleased with yourself.

  • When's your HM Steve ? And how's training going ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It's the Oxford Half, on 11th October - 13 days off! I've basically done the hard work. My last really long run was last Sunday (not yesterday) which was 18.5Km in 2:08. I reckon I could have finished the 21km in about 2:25. Hopefully on the day I'll manage a bit faster, but I'm keeping my mind open. Over the next two weeks I'll take it easier, perhaps with a couple of race pace 10k runs.

    It's a bit hard to ease off, though as I'm enjoying my running so much. I missed out on all this fun for so many years, and I guess I'm impatient to fit as much in as possible. This weekend I ran a PB at Parkrun (29:10) and then a PB at a 10k race yesterday, managing my first sub 60 minute run. I have to keep reminding myself I only started c25K at the end of January this year!

  • That's so amazing. You did definitely miss out all these years, but you're making up for it now! Good luck patiently easing off in preparation for the 11th :)

  • Fantastic Steve I know what you mean about missing out on this for years wish I'd started in my 20s not 40s but loving it and whoo get you big high five ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck hope you get your time you want and enjoy x

  • Thanks! I thought of you when I posted this. Not the Bow you remember I expect! This is the bit of the canal directly south of the Bow Roundabout, just north of Three Mills.

    I'm definitely pleased with my times. I think I need to do another parkrun soon, I've already beaten my parkrun time by over 6mins :) Hope all going well with you too.

  • Things are really good, Ruth. Looks like I might get the chance to meet up with a crowd of C25Kers at the Oxford Half Sunday week.

    I do recognise that Bow, as I drive down the A12 when visiting mum and dad, going past the Olympic Park and taking the Old Ford exit. It's certainly different to the Bow I grew up in, though!

  • That would be so cool, to actually meet some c25kers. I've been trying to convince friends to do c25k. Funny how mad it all sounds though away from this forum. On here no one thinks I'm mad though, and that's what counts. c25k is definitely a kind of clan!

  • Our canal runs alongside a new waterside development in the making. I think it's still on the drawing board as HS2 looming large over the plans has caused put the skids under the proposals, and the canal trust has had to hand back a tranch of funding it won. Sad state of affairs as the trust has slogged away for years to restore the canal. Running along it though is still something I have yet to do. I walk it occasionally with the dog but am keen to get the daps on and run it. There's a cafe at mid point so I'd be able to have a loo stop and refuel

  • My canal was closed off all during the Olympics so learning to run up it has been a way of reclaiming it. As you can see the Olympic effect has spread very very gradually. Less than 1 mile from the park and it's chaos, loads of uncoordinated building sites, they barely manage to maintain the waterways for the boats which get their engines clogged up with weeds, and the paths get ever narrower with every bit of hoarding or scaffolding the various building sites plonk onto the paths. But I like having just a long continuous line to run up and down, definitely recommend running up a canal if you've got one to run up :)

  • Good to see you continuing to progress, Ruth.

  • Thanks Coddfish, yes it's gradual and dogged, but progress it certainly is! Hope you're getting on well too :)

  • Running tops are brilliant, lightweight and lets ur skin breathe but also warm and lightweight. Love the colour. Having clothes you love, makes running even more fun. Great view! Julie

  • Thanks Julie, yep, I've just discovered this. Those ratty old charity shop tops are going in the scope bin. It's all shiny proper running tops for me now :)

  • Fantastic, good work on those pb's. No wonder you are feeling high! :-)

    Nice top. I've got myself a long sleeved one in bright pink. These days I'm buying more running clothes than regular every day clothes. What's happened?! :-)

  • My other long sleeve top is bright pink and my bf actually says it quite suits me. Not for everyday wear though :)

  • Brilliant Ruth ! Looking good !

    Well done on your PBs . Purple is obviously your go faster colour .

    Lovely photo, it's nice to see you :-) xxxx

  • I must have been feeling brave! Good to be seen too though. Purple seems to be a fast colour for lots of folk, who would have guessed :)

  • That's a very happy shot of you, nice work on the PBs as well....bonus!

  • Thanks, was a very happy start to the day all round :)

  • Congratulations, brilliant achievements.



  • Thanks! Ah - I see you're another canal runner :) Good luck for finishing week 9 this week :)

  • Massive congratulations Ruth, that's a really impressive set of stats. Well done :)

  • Nice top! It must have secret go faster stripes๐Ÿ˜œ

  • felt a bit chilly this morning so ordered a purple long sleeved top this morning! Hope it has the same effect - start week 7 tomorrow so fingers crossed!!!

  • Good luck! I think there's definitely something about the purple :)

  • Ruth, I love your new top! I think I might get one. Still running in my oversize man's t-shirt - long enough to hide my bum and baggy enough for comfort. But it is getting colder now so I guess some long sleeves might be a good idea.

  • I was surprised how long the running tops are actually, they do cover you quite well, and some are specifically designed to be longer at the back. Its good to have something better fitting. My size 16 tops were slipping down my shoulders a bit, slipping over my hands too, was trying to roll up the sleeves, the excess fabric was getting in the way. Turned out I'm actually a 10 now, and the new top stays in place, doesn't cling or slip, moves with me. Really recommend just going to sports direct and trying a few things on, you may get a surprise how suitable a proper running top will be :)

  • Hi Ruth! Thanks very much for your advice. I went to sports direct that very day and bought a selection of running things! They are lovely for running in though I felt a fraud going out for the first time in them (I'm a slow runner). Especially I love the running tights I bought. I got medium size men's ones, as women's ones are too tight clingy and uncomfortable, they fit great and so comfy. And a lovely warmer zip up front top.๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hi Ruth, I have just stumbled upon your couch to 5k post and what a great post with all those PB's, you are smashing it and looking good in your new purple top.

    For me it's all about doing your best, giving it your all and beating the last time and you have certainly done that so very well done on all of your achievements. I am really pleased for you :-) Happy days x

  • Thanks trafford1. I haven't beaten any of those times since, but have got close. It feels great to have a run where everything seems to come together, the rhythm feels right, the times are fast, etc. But slow runs can be good too. Just keeping on running is the main thing. Hope your running's going well :)

  • Good morning :-) running is going well but had to do less of it this week as I am all run out. Have done 2, 5 k and 1, 8 k this week and been going gym, rowing, cross trainer and stationary bike along with strength training. I think it's time to give the knees a bit of a rest LOL

    You may not have beaten those time YET but you certainly WILL, I know it :-) Hope you have had a lovely first week in your new job and look forward to reading about it when you post hun x

    and it's Friday, YES!!!

  • I'm literally umming and ah-ing whether to go for a run right now. Its dark, I'm sooo tired, but I've only done 1 run so far this week (7k :) ) and no cycling... This work lark has really impacted on my routine! I'll def be posting about that. Now, where's my kit?

  • Woop woop Ruth 7k Woop woop go girl :-) so happy for you and VERY WELL DONE, what a great achievement.

    Hope you made it out there, it's quite scary in the dark so good on you for getting out there. Work seriously does get in the way. I'm off for a week after today so I'm going to spend the week in the gym and looking forward to it and getting the bike out of the shed.

    Enjoy :-)

  • Woop for you too trafford1, I know that might have been a quiet week for you but sounds pretty packed to me. Hope you enjoy having more time next week. I also plan to get on my bike again next week, will cycle to work and back at least once :)

    I did go out for my run this morning, no small thanks to your encouraging reply on here! The power of a little encouragement! It wasn't dark, it's just my flat that was dark. Maybe I need one of those winter daylight bulbs to help me believe it's morning when I wake up, not the middle of the night still :)

  • Glad you made it out there hun so that's two runs now under your belt :-) Yeah!

    Always happy to give encouragement and it made a difference so even better x

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