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Today was a bad run :-(

So, perhaps I didn't start off in the best way.

When I woke up this morning I thought I'd take the kids to school then go for a run like normal. Only I got side tracked on the computer working. I hadn't eaten or drank much and suddenly it was 12pm. So I thought I'd go for a run before lunch. I didn't really feel like it but thought I should.

Off I went, usual routine until 15 mins in and I started with a bad stitch and headache and feeling the pain in my shoulder. I had to walk the pain was too bad to push through. After a couple of mins everything eased and I started to run again only for the pain to come back and the muscles in my lower legs to start really hurting. The pain in my legs was like the pain I had before insoles corrected my over pronation.

Anyway, it all got a bit too much and I'm sorry to say I gave up and came home. I hate runs like that and luckily they don't happen often but they still make you feel pretty rubbish. It'll teach me to go out running on completely empty and dehydrated. I'll do better on Wednesday!

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It would be misleading if all anyone ever encountered here was good news. Yes, some days it just doesn't roll. Anyway, wise of you to know when to call it quits. And you did get a bit of a run in, so there are some gains for your pains. All the things that hurt have now announced that they need attention to your body's repair system, so the final result of this should be that you end up stronger. So it's not a total loss, at least.

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Aw Sezza, hope youre feeling okay now , sorry to hear you had pain :-(

Don't worry too much, we are all new/new-ish runners and sometimes we have to go through carp like this so we know what to do/what not to do the next time .

Its all experience , all a learning curve isn't it , file it away in File 13 , never to be seen again :-)

I am sure you will nail your next one, it will be fab ! :-) xxx

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Of course you will cos you know now what caused your bad run. Lesson learned and move on

Set out to organise your next one so it will be a pleasure. Clear the decks get well fed and hydrated, route planned and have a lovely time. Relax and enjoy it

Have a good time!


Hope your ok we all have runs like that and it's a lesson learned. Happy running on Wednesday honey and forget this one xx well done for your achievements so far 😄🏃🏼x


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