A girl's gotta have some bling!

A girl's gotta have some bling!

Hi everyone,

I'm very proud to show off my 3k bling. I was entered for the 10k but the injury gremlins bit me a few weeks ago with a very sore shin. I've been slowly, slowly building back up running only once a week. I did tail runner at park run the last two weeks to enable me to plod slowly.

Having entered the 10k ages ago I was loathe to give it up, but entries for the fun run were allowed on the day - kept thinking of the bling you see........

The lovely organisers allowed me to swap, and I wasn't sure I'd even do it this morning, park run (tail runner) yesterday, and I've never to date run on two consecutive days.

But hey, think of the bling.......mmmmmm

So there you have it, other half did the 10, I did the 3, and still got my coveted bling. (I've still got one more medal than him, hee hee )

I wasn't fast, walked a bit, and shin is a bit sore but ok, I challenged some of the kids to beat me, I'm old enough to be their granny, and you can't let a granny beat you can you?

And I've still got my bling ha ha! Good times πŸ˜„

Happy running all.

Oh and by the way, never, ever believe anyone who says Cambridgeshire is flat, it is not!



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  • Very nice bling! Congratulations on getting out there, running, and yet being smart enough to know when to stop!

  • Thanks RFB,

    Yes, it would have been much worse if I'd attempted the 10 and had to give up, I would have hated that and felt really stupid. So I've come away feeling really good.


  • Good for you maybe! And lovely bling! Hope that shin settles down for you soon.

  • Thanks Sandra, I don't do much, but I'm hooked. I'm so impatient, I hope it is on the mend now.


  • Very nice! And still more medals than the other half... ;-)

  • Thanks Mimsickle, yes, look out for the girls only runs! πŸ˜‰


  • I know cambs isn't flat :D well done on the bling , a wise decision :D

  • Thanks Rob, blimey, I'm glad I didn't try the 10, from the reports some hill training would definitely be needed. The 3k had two that you did twice! Wimpole park run, maybe, that's got a xxxx big hill, apparently.....


  • I might get brave enough one day for wimpole :)

  • I love your competitiveness with your hubby! Good for you for the run and getting another medal. A girl can't have too many of those.

  • Thanks IP, competative ? Moi? Never (sniggers like Mutley)......


  • well done for battling through and bringing home the bling! brilliant! :)

  • Thanks aliboo, well done on your exploits too!


  • Whoo Hoo Well done Madge , Atta Girl !

    You mustve a pretty good collection of bling now , Fab ! Although you can never have too much bling in my opinion Ha ha ! :-)

    Congratulations to you and I hope your shin is better soon ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks pops, it's weird, it's actually now less sore after running on two consecutive days.........I'm waiting for the pain to kick in......fingers crossed it doesn't!

    Love the medals, im not a gazelle or a racing snake, I'm amazed I get a present for wobbling around, makes me really happy!


  • Fab post Mary, just fantastic that you didn't let those miserable injury gremlins get the better of you, so pleased for you. Wear that bling with pride! xx

  • Hey Sarah, yes feeling really happy, might try a mid week short trot on Wednesday, if my shin continues to improve, then it'll be back to park run on Saturday.


  • Mary, are you doing Cambourne again next year?

  • Hi, yes, hoping to, Cambourne has been the best one so far. The terrain there is great. Bourn had the same well organised feel, good atmosphere, but the terrain was very tough, ploughed fields some of it! So I was told, even the 3k was a track next to a field with the usual tractor ruts.


  • We all love the bling! Unfortunately in our house "He" has one more than me! Unacceptable! :)

    I am still working on it though. Registered for Runher in Belfast thinking "Well thats a medal he can't get" - what happens - no medal - just a tshirt!!!!

  • That's like poppypug, she did a run, and what did she get? A towel! Albeit a nice fluffy one I'm sure, but I would have been a bit miffed! I'm also on the look out for a 'run or dye' , he won't do it 'cause he doesn't want to get messy, and God forbid you try and get in his car afterwards! Race for life is a good one, girls only.


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