Week 2 - Day 1

So I moved on to Week 2 of the plan! I really felt the fact I was running 90 seconds instead of 60. My legs were still a bit heavy from the third run of week 1 but I pushed through it.

I've done park run before (without training and took 43mins) and my friend wants to go Saturday. Do you think it's too soon? I was thinking of trying to repeat the plan 90 secs running be walking until I did the 5k distance or just trying to see how long I can do it.



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4 Replies

  • well done on reaching week 2 :) you can have more than 1 rest day if you wish too to give yourself time to recover :)

    why not give parkrun a go :) lots do run/walks or even just walking ,it is a great event and lots of support and encouragement :)

  • I think it's too soon. You don't want to get hurt and you surely will if you push beyond your capabilities. It's only week 2. There is plenty of time to do parkrun when you're near or at Graduation and are fitter, stronger and able to cope with the distance.

    Only you knows what your fitness levels are so I don't want to rain on your parade but it does worry me that you want to do too much too soon. Getting an ankle injury etc could kybosh the rest of the plan, and that would be a shame

  • I would say go for the parkrun, but don't go chasing times. What I did was to fit my c25k runs in with parkrun, when I started that, and it worked quite nicely. I was interested in the times, but just as feedback to see how the programme was proceeding, not as a target to pursue. So my recommendation is to take Laura to parkrun with you, then begin right at the warm up walk at when they start. Walk your 5 minutes just as you normally would, then do the whole c25k as you would have, and take your 5 minutes cool down walk. At the end of the cool down, see how you feel. If you have some run left in you, do a bit of running and walking. If you have some wallking left, just walk. If you're half dead ... don't let yourself go that far. If it becomes too much half way through your c25k, just turn around, finish that, and skip getting your time. Guess it, and take that as your feedback.

    Because you're among a lot of other runners, you'll find the temptation to go a bit faster than usual. It's best not to. All you're really committing to, then, is a somewhate extended cool down walk (with maybe a few burst of springiness if the legs become too exuberant for walking).

  • If you'd completed week 5 I wouldn't hesitate in saying go for parkrun, run as far as you can and then walk the balance. However, I tend to agree with misswobble and feel that going for parkrun at this stage is a little early. You may well complete it; please don't misunderstand me. However, you should only do parkrun on the understanding that you run an increased risk of injury and also the risk of souring yourself for the entire programme. The good thing about C25K is that it builds you up gradually and gives your body time to adjust to the changes. Don't try and jump ahead too far too soon.

    Continue with the programme and, in a month's time, I'll be the first to be willing you to get down to parkrun. At this stage though, it's too early. You may be fine, but you do run an increased risk of injury (which may or may not happen).

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