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10k Looming!

Several months ago I signed up for a 10k in memory of my best friend who passed away earlier this year. I had walked more than 7 miles often before (albeit very slowly) so was pretty happy I could get through it (I checked first if I had to run all the way!) I then started on the C25k and though found the first week or two not too bad have struggled with some of the longer runs. With time getting short (race is on Sunday!) I have spent last couple of weeks doing 10k in burst of running and fairly fast walking and have got the time down to an average 7.5min/km. At least 3km of my training route is up a really steep hill so just wondering if I might be able to make a better time on the day (I'm told the route is mainly downhill!) and can anyone tell me what is a reasonable time for a 10k? Just want to do the best I can!

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I don't think time is important, what is important is you are making the effort to get out there and do it, well done. Just enjoy your day, happy running.


A reasonable time for Mo Farah? A reasonable time for a non runner? Somewhere in between, I should think. Your time will be your time and then you can try to beat it next time, but there is no point comparing yourself to anyone else.

Enjoy the run and don't worry about your time.


A reasonable time is the time you can reasonably cover 10k in.

As a rough estimate, about double your 5k time plus a bit.


A good time for a first 10k is the time you finish it in. You'll feel amazing afterwards.

And I am so, so sorry about your friend. Running's a lifesaver for dealing with grief, but even still, that's a hard thing to manage.


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