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W9 Bad start

After extending W8R3 to 5K, I wondered whether I could then count two W9 runs as graduating (rather like marking your own homework). Pride goes before etc. and I set out for W9R1 with an extension of the normal route at the beginning, hoping to do another 5k; after precisely 1k, a pain running down over my knee brought me to a halt. Walking for half a dozen paces seemed to be OK but the pain returned shortly after re-starting the run. I repeated this sequence several times before giving up and walking home without any difficulty. Great disappointment since I have had no problems of this type over the months I have been following the programme. The starting section was over paths in urban roads and I find these awkward because of the regular dips at the drive entrances. The last part was down a moderate slope, which creates increased impact. So how long do I wait before trying again? With no problem walking, I don't have a guide.

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Injuries are tricky, rest up until you feel ready, what you don't want to do is make the injury worse by going out too soon. If it is troubling you maybe a visit to the doctor may be advisable. Good luck with completing the programme.


If you can't feel any pain in a couple of days, then try again but be ready to stop again, if necessary and then wait a bit longer. Only you will be able to tell, but you did the right thing stopping.


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