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Week 8 At Last!

All right, it's a spinning Week 8, but that's what it has to be. And it's not so bad, actually.

What I've been doing these last two times is to spin for 45 minutes on the "Manual" program. That's a 10 minute warm-up, 25 minutes pushing things along, and then 10 minutes to cool down. I still need quite long cool downs because I'm pretty wobbly when I get off that thing at the end. I must look a bit of a wreck, hobbling out of the gym like that. It's enough to put anyone off spinning.

Today I just took a shorter warm-up (7 minutes), and then stuck my power at or above 150 W as long as I could. Near the 10 minutes mark I was going to let myself have a "running rest", but then changed my mind, and went over the the "evaluate later" plan. I decided I'd let myself have the rest if the quads were truly killing me, or if my heart rate went above 160 (so I've found a new use for heart rate). Of course when I got to decision time I was OK, so I postponed the decision, and then eventually forgot about it, and just went on. With 10 minutes to go I tried a "hill" that probably didn't last an entire minute, and then at the end I cranked it a bit, remembering what Laura had to say about the virtue of pushing a bit at the end for increasing one's fitness. And that was it: 540 calories, so it looks like slow and steady is what wins that race against the calorie counter algorithm.

Then I was cripple, and almost needed a wheelchair, which at the moment I find is something that needs to be walked off. It takes quite long, because I go pretty slow, and I do about 3 km. (Less might suffice, but by the time I'm starting to feel like I might be able to walk again one day, after all, I'm already so far round the circuit that I might as well just finish it.)

I ended my first or second (or third) running career having just completed Week 7, so I'm finally moving on in some sense, now.

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Well done Gary. I think spinning is harder than running so hats off to you for sticking with it. That's a lot of calories too so you must have been working hard!


Thanks. Certainly felt like I was working hard. :D


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